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Baraat is a wedding procession in which a bridegroom travels to the bride’s house where the wedding takes place. In this procession, all the prominent family members and friends take part along with the bridegroom. Traditionally the bridegroom travels on a mare to the venue of the wedding. The baraat consists of band and dancers. Usually, the family members and friends dance to the tune of the band. Normally bridegroom does not participate in the dancing and singing.

Lots of fireworks are carried during the procession of baraat. The baraat procession is full of fun and fervor. There is a long traditional umbrella over the head of the bridegroom and he is accompanied by the band party, Dhol , friends and relatives. Nowadays international baraat bands are hired to accompany baratis. These international baraat bands are quite electrifying. The international baraat bands are capable of playing lively and energetic Punjabi songs. They can perform on traditional Rajasthani music. The costume of international baraat band is matching to the theme of the wedding.

Indian weddings are the biggest platform for social gathering for family, friends and well-wishers. This platform invites all the invitees to put their best foot forward. It is an occasion and opportunity for invitees to come out in the best style. It is an event to showcase the class and status they belong to.

To leave an everlasting impression, International Baraat Band can be hired to add class and style to the event of a wedding at your home. International baraat band can be contacted with help of event planners.

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